Rudraksha Beads For Strength And Well-Being

Published: 29th September 2010
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Rudraksha beads contain large amounts of energy, which gives them the capability to benefit the wearer in many ways. When translated from Sanskrit into English, Rudraksha breaks into two words - Rudra, which is another name for Lord Shiva and Aksha, which means tear. Literally it means the 'The tear of Shiva'. This is so because according to Hinduism the Rudraksha plant grew when a one of Shiva's tears fell onto the ground. The fruit that is borne from this plant has a seed, which on drying gives us the Rudraksha bead. You can find the Rudraksha plant in many south Asian countries. 70% of all the trees in South Asia are in Java in Indonesia, 25% of them are in Nepal and 5% are in India. People judge the quality of these beads based on the number of faces or mukh they have. In old times, you could find beads with faces ranging from 1-108 faces.

Nowadays, the number of faces usually found is between 2 & 21. Rudraksha with more than 21 faces are now extinct though a belief exists that you can still find them in the Mansarover valley. Beads with just 1 face or the one mukhi Rudraksha are exquisitely rare and it is very difficult to find and locate them. The 14 mukhi Rudraksha and the 21 mukhi Rudraksha are the most popular amongst the people. Rudraksha receive great veneration in Hinduism and are a route for humans to strengthen their inner self and take themselves to greater spiritual attainment.

The Benefits Of The Rudraksha Beads

These beads have had mention in some of India's oldest literature like the Puranas. The uses of Rudraksha closely entwine with Hinduism and its religious practices. For eons, Hindus have been using malas or garlands of these beads precisely 108 in number. These garlands are akin to rosary beads in a way as you use them while praying or doing jap or while meditating.

The seeds of the Rudraksha plant first go through preparation in temples with specific mantras chanted over them for a specific period before you can wear them or use them. Once these preparations are complete they become energized Rudraksha. These Rudraksha beads give people strength as they contain cosmic force according to Hinduism. They can also help people overcome astrological mal-influence and keep them safe and strong. The energy of the Rudraksha is what enables sages or sadhus to concentrate during long asanas and meditations by providing them tranquility and a state of sangfroid when confronted with tough choices or times.

The same benefits translate into well being for all the wearers. It is not something that cures ill health but it sure helps you attain a state, which is absence of ill health. They can also help you combat strength by helping you calm yourself with inner strength.

While buying Rudraksha beads you must be careful that they are original or are Nepal certified Rudraksha as many swindlers out there may give you fake beads. Many times a Rudraksha is manually cut to give it more faces. Be aware of such tricksters.

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